About Chicago Luxury Beds

Why Chicago Luxury Beds?

Chicago Luxury Beds is dedicated to bring our customers superior quality, craftsmanship and comfort in every sleep product we represent.  We believe a great night sleep can be life changing which results in:


  • Beauty Sleep
  • Brain Sleep
  • Health Sleep
  • Performance Sleep

A great day begins after a restful night’s sleep.  You spend a third of your life in bed, that third fuels the other two thirds.  Your bedroom is your sanctuary and you should look forward to climbing into a bed that will hold you naturally all night long.  A combination of pressure relief and support is the key to a great night’s sleep.

Most people in this country do not know how a great mattress can be life-changing.  That is because the unique bed collections we offer our customers have never been available in the United States or have only been available for a short time.

When I traveled to Sweden and tried a Hastens Bed, it was a transformative experience.  Ever since, my passion for beds brings our customers the best sleep products in the world.  Everyone at Chicago Luxury Beds feels the same way.  Each associate has taken the time to visit the Hastens and VI Spring factories to learn what makes a great bed and how to guide customers through different models and tensions to find the perfect bed.

Come experience what you have never experienced before.  Give us a chance to change your life!

- Mary Pat Wallace, Founder Chicago Luxury Beds