History of Hastens Bedding.

No compromises since 1852

Hastens has been run by the same family since the mid 19th century. Before Bell and Edison made their epoch-making inventions, we at Hastens were already working hard. Hastens was originally a saddlery. In those days, saddlers also made horsehair mattresses. The first Hastens mattress was probably made in 1852, when the current owner Jan Ryde’s great-great-grandfather laid the foundations for the family business. Pehr Adolf was a craftsman of the old school – the words quality and good craftsmanship were almost holy – and he passed on that attitude to his colleagues and to future generations. It is a simple matter to cut corners and produce cheap products, and to earn good money doing so. But the customer who buys such products will never come back, so in the long run you lose! No, we want to make the kind of product that earns people’s respect. That is the guideline that we have always adhered to. We are proud to say that our history is the backbone of the company. Today, Hastens beds continue to be hand-made using the finest natural materials. Cotton, horsehair, flax and wool are materials that breathe. Therefore, you will sleep comfortably and naturally in a horsehair mattress from Hastens.Our view is the same today as it was when we began making bed mattresses in the 1800s – only the finest natural materials and the best craftsmanship should be used. When your aim is to build the world’s most comfortable beds, no other manufacturing method will do.

The word “automation” is not one which is high on the agenda at Hastens. Hastens beds are built by hand. That is where the quality comes from. No machine can surpass the skills of a master craftsman when it comes to building a bed. Machines may do it cheaper, but humans always do it better, according to our tried and tested methods. Making our beds by hand involves feelings such as commitment, passion, interest, ambition and love. And not least the determination of a persistent person never to make something that they can’t be well and truly proud of. Our craftsmen make each bed step by step, using natural materials. After that, the parts are sewn together manually, for the best possible end result. That’s why we offer a 25-year guarantee covering spring or frame breakage.

For decades we have refined and renewed our methods so as to give Hastens bed owners many nights of comfortable and restful sleep – regardless of whether you live in a castle or a cabin. Hastens was appointed as a purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court for the first time in 1952, and we still have the pleasure of supplying the Royal Court today.

In 2006, Hastens was awarded the Swedish Trade Council’s annual export award. Jan Ryde accepted the award from King Carl XVI Gustav himself.