Hästens Bed Springs

After years of research, development and testing, Hästens has patented a spring system which is unique in the world of beds. This new system means that each spring can move more independently of the others, creating the most pliable and flexible bed. Just like any other component in a Hästens bed, springs are a science in themselves, and one of the most important parts of your bed. After all, it is primarily the springiness, durability and “softness” of the springs that determines how well you sleep at night, and in turn, how well you feel during the day. With a Hästens bed you can enjoy the latest technology in bed springs. Hästens’ new patented spring system, combined with our special tempered Swedish springs and comfortable natural materials, makes our beds wonderfully soft on the surface with comfortable support at every level. The springs used in Hästens beds are made exclusively in Sweden and are of the very highest quality. Hästens is the largest Swedish bed manufacturer that uses only springs made in Sweden. When we refine our products, we look at what you value in a bed, in order to make sure we constantly offer the best beds money can buy.


Hästens pocket springs are pliable, comfortable and supportive. We use a technique whereby the steel is coiled before it is tempered so that it retains its height and shape. This technique is more advanced, and more time-consuming than traditional methods, but here at Hästens we have always stuck to the principle: If we can find a way to make our beds more comfortable, we’ll do it. Hästens gives you a lot more for your money. Each spring is mounted one by one in individual pockets. This lets each spring move individually according to each little movement of your body, which means that when your partner turns over in bed you will barely notice it. Careful testing has shown the importance of surface softness, spring depth and bottom springs. Hästens' new patented spring system follows each contour of your body, giving you greater comfort and making the bed feel “bottomless”. This new bed technology combined with our all-natural material provides outstanding comfort. When we sleep, the body is restored and new energy is gathered. Today, because we have higher stress levels than ever before, the bed is more than ever the most important piece of furniture in the home. As it should be, since we spend one third of our lives in bed. Choosing a Hästens bed is both a wise and a pleasant way to prioritise your own well-being for many, many years to come. Try out a Hästens bed. You deserve the best.