The Hästens Warranty


We hope that both you and your bed enjoy a long, good life. That’s why we give a long warranty when you buy a Hästens bed. 25 years to be precise. We can make this promise thanks to everything we’ve learnt during our 150 years as a manufacturer.


A 25 year warranty against spring and frame breakage is nothing new for us. Our beds have come with a 25 year warranty for many years. This is our obligation as Sweden’s oldest bed manufacturer. We make sure our beds will last. The Hästens bed you purchase in 2007 has a warranty that covers your bed until the year 2032. And if your bed lasts as long as the beds of the satisfied customers who write to us, you could easily still be using it beyond the year 2040. All real masterpieces are signed. And so it is with every Hästens bed that leaves our factory in Köping. Each and every bed has its own unique manufacturing number.


The warranty slip is signed by the master craftsman who builds the bed. Hästens only manufactures beds under the Hästens trademark, and none other. We do not compromise with simpler variations. Make sure you buy a genuine Hästens bed if you want to be sure of a comfortable and long-lasting bed. Invest in a real bed that you will be happy with and choose for yourself how long you wish to keep it. If you plan to keep your bed for a long time, it is really important that you choose the right bed. There is no way to find the bed that’s best for you other than trying it yourself. Be sure to try out all models and firmness levels. After that, you are ready to choose the right bed from our broad range. Our different models have various properties specifically developed to satisfy different requirements. Only you can decide which model suits you best. When you have chosen the model, you need to be careful in choosing the right level of firmness. Be sure you test each level until you are sure.