Luxury Down Pillows

What is the the Pillow Bar?


Quite frankly, it's the answer to a dream — and a dreamy night's sleep. The Pillow Bar is a free-standing kiosk that contains all of the ingredients of your unique down pillow. But the best part is, you can walk away in minutes with a custom-monogrammed, Egyptian cotton pillow filled with pristine 650-fill Hungarian goose down to the perfect firmness for you. Forget someone else's idea of soft, medium or hard — this pillow experience is all about your optimal pillow. An aromatic herb sachet zipped into the outer casing completes the experience.

For his and hers, that person who has everything, an elegant wedding or housewarming gift or the ultimate self-indulgence, the Pillow Bar pillow is the custom luxury experience that happens on the spot

The real question is, how do you sleep? It's been proven that a good night's sleep improves concentration and overall brainpower as well as helping you battle the bulge and the blues. Forget trying to decide between hard, medium or soft. Knowing how you sleep helps you choose the pillow made just for you.

The Stomach Sleeper:

If you sleep on your stomach, your pillow should fill almost no gap between you and your mattress. A softer, slightly supporting pillow prevents the spine and neck from bending unnaturally or uncomfortably and keeps them properly aligned in a natural horizontal position for maximum relaxation. Minimum bend, maximum snuggle-ability.

The Back Sleeper:

If you sleep on your back, your pillow should fill a smaller gap between you and your mattress. A moderately-filled, loftier pillow is best able to mold to the contours of your head and neck while providing support for the cervical spine’s natural curves. Take a deep breath and say "ahhh."


The Side Sleeper:

If you sleep on your side, your pillow should fill the largest gap between you and your mattress. The firmest, loftiest pillow best supports the head and neck in the side-sleeping position and allows the spine to maintain alignment with no unnatural bending at the neck. Look straight ahead to the most peaceful night of deep sleep.

Travel Pillows

Each Pillow Bar pillow comes with two 300-thread-count, double-stitched, 100% cotton sateen zippered protectors with beautiful satin cording trim. And each is filled with pristine 650-fill, Hungarian goose down to your perfect firmness. And just to make sure no one else snuggles with YOUR pillow, each is custom-monogrammed white on white and includes your choice of aromatic herb sachet in soothing French lavender or Pillow Bar's own Martini Dream, tea-like spicy slice of heaven.

Why do I want a sachet?

A 2005 study at Wesleyan University showed that those who sniffed mildly sedative lavender-scented oil three times before sleeping demonstrated more deep sleep compared to those who smelled no scent. Aromatherapy uses fragrant and soothing plant essences to promote a sense of well-being and has shown to improve sleep quality.


Available in the following sizes:

Standard (20"x26") -  $200.00

Queen (20"x30") - $259.00

King (20"x35") - $299.00

Travel/Boudoir (12"x16") - $72.00

European (26"x26") - $299.00


Dr. Mary Side Sleeper

Our very best-seller, this uniquely shaped pillow was developed specifically for the side sleeper by Dr. Mary Collings, noted Sports Chiropractor. Give this lofty boomerang a big hug and feel the typical tension in shoulders and neck side sleepers experience slide away. The Dr. Mary also includes custom monogram. Custom 100% cotton sateen case with satin ribbon trim is also available.


Dr. Mary Pillow -  $320.00

Pillow case - $65.00


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