Hastens Proferia


Hastens Proferia is an all-new, all-natural addition to Hastens’ line of continental beds. If the best imaginable sleeping comfort is what you’re after – well, then most likely this is the bed for you.

Hastens Proferia, like all Hastens beds, is built by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. All assembly is done manually, ensuring the highest quality, and the mattress is sewn entirely by hand.

With Hastens Proferia, we have taken the best of the base techniques from the 2000T, such as the double spring system. This is one of the features that give you that deep sense of comfort, with its excellent softness, pliability and long lifespan.

Do you dream of something out of the ordinary? We are proud to present a round version of our exclusive continental bed, the Proferia

We also use a unique layering method, where we divide the horsehair into several thinner layers, with membranes of

cotton or wool placed in between. This allows the springy horsehair greater room to move, providing maximum comfort.

What about the mattress then? With its patented pocket spring system, combined with no less than ten layers of cotton and wool (the highest standard available today) it is nothing but pure pleasure. In addition, the mattress is stitched – by hand – around the sides for an even greater stability and comfort, and on top of it the name and firmness of the bed is beautifully embroidered. So, as you can see, Hastens Proferia is all that anyone could ever ask for. Or more.

In fact, there’s even an exclusive round version available – allowing you to sleep circles around just any other bed. Imagine that.


Hastens Proferia Pricing:

$13,560 - $28,500