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Those who have slept on a Hastens or Vi Spring mattress, often have a lot to say about it. Here's some of the reviews and testimonials we received from our customers:


Words almost fail to express how pleased Kim and I are with our Hästens Luxuria king mattress, but after a month of amazing comfort I felt I should give it a try. After our visit to your showroom, we both were excited about our selection's arrival and fully expected a wonderful sleep experience. But nothing could fully describe the bliss of reclining on the Luxuria in one's home, looking forward to a great night's rest. I have never felt such complete support, but also with a conformation to all the curves of my body...down to my ankles! I often have little sensation of falling asleep, the Luxuria is so comfortable and supportive. Kim and I thank you for your knowledge and assistance in making our selection. You were tremendously helpful as we tried other mattress types and brands. We thought we were "just looking", but we knew we needed to look no glad the Luxuria is in our home.

The Hästens experience is, indeed, sublime!


Kim and Debbie - Indianapolis, IN


"We love our Hastens Superia bed. Three things stand out foremost: its unsurpassed comfort, indeed like a cloud, weightlessness; the natural fibers' ability to circulate air, constantly regulating temperature to comfort - after previously having broiled all night long on a standard synthetic mattress side note about the natural fibers - my husband has many allergies, yet, wonderfully, the wool & horsehair in the mattress have not bothered him at all; and, lastly, most importantly, when we sleep close together at night, I do not roll "into a hole" created by my husband's greater body weight as which happened in our conventional sprung mattresses of the past. Besides our love of our mattress, we are also extremely impressed with the Hastens bed company. Their customer service & commitment to excellence are unsurpassed."


-- Lara; Chicago, Illinois



"I picked up my pillow on Saturday.  I think I mentioned the accident to you.  The last two nights were the best I have slept in 5 years (since the accident).  It is somehow supporting my neck and shoulder perfectly.  Thank you soooo very much!  I love my new pillow!"


-- Jill M., Chicago, Illinois



"We just love our Hastens mattress and it truly is “Superia”! I am finally sleeping within 3 minutes of lying down. Upon rising, I feel totally relaxed and refreshed. An amazing side benefit: deeper sleep = better dreams. I will continue to recommend Hastens as the #1 mattress choice for optimal health to all my patients."


-- Dr. Brian; Glendale, Wisconsin



"We did considerable research on mattresses before purchasing our 2000T. The more reading we did and the more we spoke with traditional mattress retailers the more we became convinced of purchasing a Hastens bed. The all natural material, coupled with the time tested craftsmanship and the durability of the product all weighed on our decision. I must say that the customer service was nothing short of excellent - from answering numerous questions about the mattress to the timely and courteous delivery. We were pleased with our purchasing experience even before we got to sleep in the bed. We have waited a month before sending this note as we wanted to make sure we liked the mattress as much now as we did the first night. Simply put, we like it more and more each night. We awake feeling rested and without the lower back aches that were becoming more and more frequent with our old "luxury" mattress (as described by its manufacturer). We decided to purchase an Excelsior for our weekend house and have been very pleased with it as well. The cost of a Hastens bed is more than others, however, when you consider the quality of sleep that we have gotten, the value is substantial. Our future mattress purchases will only be a matter of a telephone call to Morgan. Our children are already lobbying for their own Hastens mattress.


-- Bernie; Indianapolis, IN



We purchased a Cal King Medium after coming off a firm Sterns & Foster and I was afraid that the medium was too soft. After an initial period of 5-7 days with minor adjustment soreness we are both sleeping soundly and waking refreshed. As an athlete, I notice that I seem to recover from hard workouts/races faster than before.


-- Robert; Milwaukee, Wisconsin



I never thought I would write a letter raving about a bed. When my husband told me he wanted to buy a Hastens bed and then told me the price, I thought he was absolutely crazy. Last fall he took me to your store to have a test lie. I must say I was impressed. I figured that if he was willing to spend the money then I wasn’t going to stop him. Our bed arrived and I have been singing its praises ever since. I suffer from bone spurs and degenerating discs in my neck, so sleeping comfortably has been an issue for me. The way the Hastens bed contours to every curve in your body is amazing. It is as you are being “sucked in” to the most comfortable sleep ever. The only problem is that I have a difficult time leaving it! This past weekend we checked into a hotel and I sat on the bed and felt incredibly homesick. I laugh now when I think of how I couldn’t imagine spending so much for a bed. Now, I realize how much time is spent in bed and how important it is to feel comfortable and sleep well. It is money incredibly well spent.


-- Shari; Northbrook, Illinois



I recently purchased a custom pillow from the Pillow Bar for my husband as a gift. He says it's the best night's rest he's had ever! He talks about it to everyone. I'm especially enjoying it too since it has cut back on his snoring! Thank you to everyone at Chicago Luxury Beds. We are believers!


-- Grace; Chicago, IL



We would like to thank you for all the time and effort you showed us during and after our purchase of the Hastens Bed. I read an article about your special bed which I may add had the highest ranking of all the beds the article previewed. I had major back surgery so we were in the market for the “perfect” bed. Your entire staff is extremely knowledgeable about your product and why it is the “best bed”. It certainly is! The bed is exactly what you promised it would be… maybe more!


-- Ellen and Bruce; Atlanta, Georgia



Sleeping is now a luxurious experience. The bed and pillows were a great investment. Thanks very much for your advice and counsel during the purchase.


-- Katherine; Edina, Minnesota



Everyone in your store was super helpful and nice. Thanks for having so much patience through this process. It was a big investment for us but we feel very confident in our decision.


-- Brian & Melissa; Chicago, Illinois


It was even better than we imagined! But, the dogs loved it most of all! Keeping them off the bed at night will be an endless challenge. Thanks again for all your help... it made a big difference in purchasing an expensive item


-- Martha & Allan; Dallas, Texas



“As a journalist who travels around the world and sleeps in lots of different beds, I can’t wait to get home to my Hastens 2000T. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. There is simply no better bed on the planet. Period.”


-- Evan; Madison, Wisconsin



The Hastens 2000T was truly an amazing experience. My wife and I both agreed it was the most comfortable sleep we have ever experienced. We did not want to get up, so we asked for a 3:00 check out. Thank you again for such a terrific night, and morning.


- Darcy and Marta Bonner- Chicago, Illinois



I have only had my Vi-Spring for a short while now, but I feel that I have definately made the right choice. After my problems with other mattresses giving in after just a short period I was nervous about any new mattress I considered. At this point my bed has not shown any signs of body grooves or dipping. I am quite happy. 


-- Gracie; Indianapolis, Indiana



I have worked for a Swedish furniture company for many years. I know the value of Swedish craftsmanship, and that value is really obvious in a Hastens bed. The quality of woodworking and attention to detail is in my opinion is unrivaled in the bedding market. The Naturally was more expensive than other beds I had considered, but none of my other options could have offered what Hastens has given me. I also love my Anatomic Pillow. It just completes the experience of sleeping in my bed. Thank you Hastens Chicago, your sales staff was great and I am grateful for all for your help.


-- Josh; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan



I'd like you and everyone at Chicago Luxury Beds to know how terrific our new Vi Spring bed is! I no longer wake up during the night with a painful shoulder or hip and when my husband or I move or turn over the bed does not move at all. The division of the mattress into one half soft and one half medium firmness is just perfect. Thank you for helping us find the perfect bed.


-- Patricia; Wheaton, IL



I looked for years to find the perfect natural mattress. I finally found Vi Spring and instantly fell in love. The feel of my Signatory is unlike any other mattress I have tried before. Even the other expensive mattresses i have owned didn't feel as great as my new bed. Knowing that I am sleeping on a mattress that is all natural and chemical free really puts me at ease. Thanks for all of your help and accommodating my challenging delivery needs.


-- Matt; Aspen, Colorado


I LOVE my new bed.  My friends tell me I’m the new spokesperson for Vi-Spring.  In my old bed I could not lay down for very long.  Either my hips or shoulders would be uncomfortable.  Not with my Vi-Spring.  I stay in bed all day whenever possible.  It even has me starting my day later because I don’t want to get out the bed. We travel a lot and I would look forward to sleeping in a different bed.  Now when I travel I dread not having my bed with me.  This bed has renewed my strength. One might think cost is prohibitive.  However we have gone through 3 mattress sets in the last six years.  Had I known about your beds not only would we have saved in the long term but I would have been much happier.  You need to find a way to get the word out about these beds.I believe if everyone could sleep in these beds every night we really would have “World Peace”.


-- Linda; Chicago, IL



I have been meaning to tell you how much we love our bed. However, it does have a drawback in that both Susie and I have a distinct problem getting out of bed each morning: it’s just too damn comfortable! By the way, our 12 year old wants one too.


-- Tom; Loveland, Ohio