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Why Horse Hair? +

Horse hair is the finest and highest quality mattress fill material available. Each strand of horse hair is hollow and acts like a miniature tube that, thanks to microscopic capillaries, absorbs moisture and allows it to evaporate quickly. When the humidity level in the ambient air drops, the horse hair breathes in fresh air and the moisture evaporates. Horse hair mattresses are great for your health. They provide a clean naturally chemical free place for you to get your rest.

Can I be allergic to a Hastens or Vi Spring Bed? +

All contents of Hastens and Vi Spring horsehair mattresses are certified to be non allergenic. The fabrics are 100% natural cotton. If someone has an allergy to cotton, that allergy can be avoided by using a mattress protector and non cotton sheets.

What is the life expectancy of an all natural luxury bed? +

Our beds should last a lifetime. Hastens beds are warranted for 25 years against breakage and manufacturer defects. No one really knows how long a Hastens bed will last. VI Spring offers a lifetime Warranty on their beds along with the VI Spring Promise. You can have confidence in plans to keep your Hastens or Vi Spring bed for the rest of your life.

Do I flip my Hastens Mattress? +

Hastens beds are filled with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and horse hair. These materials move about in the mattress conforming to the body and giving supreme comfort and support. As they move around they do in time get out of place. Flipping or massaging the mattress moves the fibers back where they belong. This for all practical purposes resets the mattress. This maintenance will need to be performed on a regular basis to get the maximum comfort and longevity from your Hastens bed.

Do I flip my Vi Spring Mattress? +

Vi Spring all natural luxury mattresses do not require flipping. The special way that VI Spring craftsmen tuft and side stitch the mattresses holds all of the natural materials where they belong. They are made with equal amounts of material on the top and bottom of the mattress. That way you can choose to flip your mattress if you would like. We always flip our mattresses at least once a year.

What is the difference between support and firmness? +

Support is directly related to the density and layering of the materials in the bed. A balance between the density of the material and the way that it is distributed throughout the mattress is integral to creating proper support. Hastens has spent more than a century perfecting the layering of the natural materials within our beds to make sure that you are properly supported while you sleep.

Firmness corresponds to the required amount of force exerted on the springs within the bed in order to move them. This is also known as the compression rate of the spring. Each style of bed is available in three different firmness levels. We provide the different firmness so that people of any size or shape can be comfortable in our beds. To avoid pressure points one must be able to be absorbed by their bed. A correct firmness allows all parts of the body to be correctly supported without the bed creating a feeling that it is pushing back against the body.

What if my partner and I are different sizes? +

We know that not every couple is matched perfectly in everyway. If you and your partner are different size we reccomend a split firmness mattress. American standard king size and larger mattresses can be divided into two different firmnesses.

Will Chicago Luxury Beds deliver to me? +

We work with the best local, national, and international shipping companies to provide the best white glove delivery to any location. Where ever you are, we will deliver there.

Does Chicago Luxury Beds have only one kind of bed? +

We have two different manufacturers with 17 different models amongst them to choose from. We have so many versions of our beds to make sure that you will be able to find the perfect bed for you.